Use of Tamoxifen for treating Systemic Mastocytosis

Mayo Clinic

RB Number: 2506-04

Trial status: Open for Enrollment

Phase: I

Why is this study being done?

In this study, we will determine the utility of Tamoxifen, a non-cytotoxic agent, to improve quality of life, biochemical parameters, and bone marrow involvement in systemic mastocytosis patients having 1) up to 40% bone marrow infiltration by mast cells and/or 2) mediator-release symptoms which are not controlled by tolerated doses of standard ?non-cytotoxic? medications regardless of the percentage bone marrow involvement by mastocytosis. The dose of Tamoxifen will be 20 mg/day and the duration of treatment will be for one year. Patients currently taking interferon alfa, imatinib mesylate, or cladribine will be excluded until these medications have been stopped.