Dr Theo Theoharides

Dr Theo Theoharides is coming to the Sydney TAMS conference.

Dr Theo 2Few have not heard of one of the world’s leading researchers into mast cell disease, who will now be presenting at the 2015 TAMS conference in Sydney Australia. Dr Theo Theoharides will be in Sydney for the entire conference presenting at least twice and also chairing sufferers / care givers forums.
Please ensure that you book your calendar for May 1st to 3rd for the 4th annual TAMS conference to be held at the Hyde Park Inn, Sydney. Registration forms online soon.

Prof. Theoharis Theoharides (Dr. Theo), MS, PhD, MD, FAAAAI, is Professor of Pharmacology, Internal Medicine and Biochemistry and Director of the Molecular Immunopharmacology and Drug Discovery Laboratory at Tufts University School of Medicine has over 20 years of research into mast cells and brain inflammation, 300 published papers, and many patents.

Dr Theo

Dr. Theo, as he is affectionately called, has shown that mast cells are one of the master regulators of the immune system, directing immune system response and controlling inflammation. Dysfunction of mast cell has being found to be the source of many auto-immune diseases and conditions and his research is providing new targets for treatment.

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