AGM can Committee Members

TAMS’ next AGM will be held at the 2017 TAMS Conference in October 2017. The last AGM was held on Saturday, 17 September from 1:30pm – 2pm at the 2016 TAMS Mini Conference.

At the AGM the following TAMS members were elected by the membership to the following positions. We bid farewell to Claire Ellis, a valued founding member, who is taking leave and welcomed Liam Cochrane to our committee.

  • David Mayne – Chair
  • Kristin Sinclair – Vice Chair, Treasurer, Membership
  • Heather Mayne – Secretary & Public Officer, Conference Chair
  • Suzanne Dickinson – National Support Group Chair
  • Pamela Mathieson – ordinary member
  • Liam Cochrane – ordinary member

We congratulate and support your committee as advocates for mastocytosis care, support, education and research within Australasia.

The first TAMS Committee was originally formed in January 2012 with the aim of raising the profile of mastocytosis and MCAD and its sufferers in Australasia, and developing a support network for patients, carers and physicians. The committee is made up of Mastocytosis and MCAD sufferers and carers.

Meet the TAMS Committee

David Mayne
Chair and Founding Member

As a Management educator and organisational communicator, I believe initiating TAMS was a natural progression since my ‘long haul’ diagnosis. I hope the skills, knowledge and the contacts I have obtained and share will help others find some peace and relief from this wretched and unpredictable disease.

Kristin Sinclair
Vice Chair, Treasurer, Membership Manager and Founding Member

Since my shock diagnosis with Aggressive Systemic Mastocytosis at 25 (I am now 39), I have craved connection with other people who understand the inconsistencies and challenges of mast cell disease. I believe that isolation and lack of support are some of the biggest problems people can encounter with this illness (outside of the actual symptoms), and I co-founded TAMS to help address this. Outside of TAMS I run my own online consulting business from home (which means I get to work in my PJs more often then not, which suits my Masto). I live south of Wollongong with my husband and my fur babies, who provide continual love and support.  

Heather Mayne
Secretary, Public Officer, Conference Chair

I’m a carer for my husband David who has both Cutaneous and Systemic Mastocytosis. I naturally took on Secretary and Public Officer role when the association was formed as we both share a passion for bringing about positive outcomes for others in similar predicaments in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. My dream is to ‘Connect the Dots’ across the globe, bringing specialists together to share knowledge, undertake research and find answers to the many questions that arise from managing ‘temperamental’ mast cells. My other life is as a full-time Early Childhood teacher and hobby farmer on weekends. Life is never dull. 

Sue Dickinson
Support Group Chair

I joined the TAMS Committee at our inaugural conference in Port Macquarie in 2012, and currently occupy the position of Support Group Chair.  I was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis in 2005, following many years of unexplained illness.  I could not believe my luck when I found out that there was support available in Australia from a newly formed group called TAMS.  I have two adult daughters and have worked continuously as a Clinical Social Worker for the past 39 years.  I currently work as a School Counsellor in a Primary School setting.  My main interests are the performing arts and I am a founding member of a Community Theatre group in Coffs Harbour (1984).  I live with my husband, Jeff, in Coramba village near Coffs Harbour, on the NSW mid North Coast.  I devote my spare time to our two border collies, Millie and Jess. They are wonderful supports when my world seems totally controlled by the ‘nasty masties.’

Pamela Mathieson
Ordinary Member
I am a Principal of an Autism school in Melbourne. I spend a lot of time working and providing support and professional development to families and mainstream schools. At the age of 36-year-old (I am now 40 years old) I was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis. I do have Urticaria Pigmentosa as well – I do not have a patch on my body without spots. My diagnosis was very straight forward and quick. I am treated through the Royal Melbourne Hospital and have found the treatment and care to be exceptional there. If anyone is having trouble navigating treatment in Melbourne I would be happy to help. While I find having SM very tiring I try my hardest to be positive. Due to my triggers I do have limitations – however instead of focusing on what I cannot do  – I reframe the negative thought and think I cannot do it today. On those days I am very happy to watch Netflix or Hayu.

Liam Cochrane
Ordinary Member 

I am a Mastocytosis sufferer living in Central Queensland. I am a husband and a stay at home parent to a young son. When I have spare time I enjoy fishing, boating and being near the ocean. I joined TAMS after being diagnosed and realised it’s such a valuable resource for both sufferers and carers. I then joined the TAMS committee at the 2016 General Meeting to help with the running of TAMS and to help raise awareness and support others.