The Australasian Mastocytosis Society (TAMS) has been created as an advocacy, education and support body for those throughout Australasia who suffer from or care for those with Mastocytosis or Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD). TAMS has been established due to the overwhelming need for sufferers and their supporters to find a local voice and active support network.

TAMS is an independent ‘not for profit’ incorporated organisation with a committed and functional committee of individuals from Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand,  – all of whom are sufferers or carers, ensuring your needs will be met.

In April 2012, TAMS hosted the first official mastocytosis conference to be held in Australia. It featured many speakers and workshops dealing with mastocytosis and MCAD as well as providing delegates the opportunity to meet others in a relaxed and friendly environment.  At this conference, support group networks were established and firm pathways established. Since then we have held a conference annually:

Each year our conferences have been fantastic, with an abundance of world-renowned specialists our delegates experienced presentations covering all aspects of Mast Cell disorders and participated in  breakaway groups which provided them answers to many of their questions. For further information email info@mastocytosis.com.au

TAMS also hosts an annual walk-a-thon – March for Masto. The inaugural walkathons were hosted in St.Kilda, Melbourne and Sydney, in conjunction with World Rare Disease Day on 28 February 2015. Both venues were fantastic and raised funds to assist in making our 2015 conference the best possible. We held walkathons in Sydney and Melbourne in 2016. The 2017 walkathons are now in the early planning stages and we hope to host these at various cities and towns across Australia. If you would like to get involved and run your own walkathon, please contact us at info@mastocytosis.com.au

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Please be aware that the information on this site is mainly intended for those newly diagnosed, and for those who want a basic knowledge of the condition. We have provided links within the site to more authoritative sites and articles, if needed.