2015 Conference Program

Conference by the harbour

Download a PDF version by clicking on this link: TAMS 2015 Conference Program


FRIDAY, 1st May 2015
8.30–9.30am               Conference Registration

9.30–9.45am               Conference Opening and Overview –  Conference Chair                                              Heather Mayne

9.45–10.15am            David Mayne TAMS Chair-

10:15–10:30am          MORNING TEA

10.30am–11.45pm    Dr Theoharis Theoharides – keynote speaker                                                                      Neuroinflammation and Brain Fog

11.45-12:15pm           LUNCH

12:15–1.20pm            Dr Sheryl Van Nunen – clinical allergist – Mammalian Meat                                          and Tick Anaphylaxis

1:20–2:30pm              Maria Said – Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia – Managing Life                                               with Anaphylaxis

2.30 – 3.30pm           Mishele Cunningham TMS – Masto Mimics; Disease that                                                    mimics mast cell disease.

3:30–3:40pm             AFTERNOON TEA

3:40 –4:30pm            Carers Workshop: Get to know you
Supporting loved ones and their mast cells
Chair: Heather Mayne & Jeff Otto

                                      Patients Workshop: Get to know you
Caring for you carer
Chair: David Mayne & Claire Ellis
Guest doctor: Dr Theoharides

4:30–6.30pm             FREE TIME – REST TIME

6.30pm                       Meet and greet social evening – casual social event @ a nearby                                        restaurant TBA

SATURDAY, 2nd May 2015

8 – 9:00am                 Conference Registration and Day Guests

9 – 10.10am               Professor Connie Katelaris – Masto 101 –                                                 The difference between Mastocytosis and MCAS

10.10 – 11.15am        Dr Celia Zubrinich – TBA

11.15 – 11.30am       MORNING TEA

11.30 – 12:30pm       Dr Theoharis Theoharides – Treatment Approaches                                                             for  Mast Cell Disorders

12:30–1:00pm          LUNCH + Networking

1.00–2:00pm           Associate Professor Richard Loh –

2:00–3:00pm           Professor Glenn Reeves via skype –

3.00–4:00pm           Panel – question time with the doctors

4pm – 6:30pm         FREE TIME – REST TIME

6:30–9pm                Conference Dinner – optional extra
Venue – TBA
Attire: Smart Casual

SUNDAY, 3rd May 2015

8.30 – 9.00am       Conference Registration (Day Guests)

9:00 – 10:10am     Dr Velencia Soutter – (food chemical sensitivity)

10.10–11.15am     Professor Pete Smith – (Why am I so itchy? And what can I                                      do about it?)

11.15 – 11.30am    MORNING TEA

11:30–12pm           The Australasian Mastocytosis Society Annual General                                           Meeting (AGM) TAMS Committee

12:00-12:20pm     Discussion – Future planning – walkathon, facebook support, support groups, 2016 conference ideas/topics – conference written feedback

12:20 –12.30pm   Final address TBA Close of Conference

12.30 –                   Networking / Guided tour of the Rocks – DM / Home time  (pack away)

More Information:
1. Please bear in mind that alterations to this program may occur. We are still working away behind the scenes adding the finishing touches to this fantastic conference. There are just a few last minute confirmations to be made regarding the time slots and some clarification to our speakers’ presentation titles. The finalised conference program will be available as soon as possible.
2. Hyde Park Inn have been alerted to possible concerns with sensitivities to chemicals and perfumes. They will undertake precautions to their best ability. Please be mindful of your fellow masto mates and avoid wearing perfumes, after shave and strong deodorants. Ensure you notify TAMS in your registration of any specific needs you require our awareness of.
3. Child minding is being considered. Please contact TAMS directly via email to advise of any specific child care support needs you may have. Our email is info@mastocytosis.com.au