2012 Conference

2012 Australasian Mastocytosis Conference

The inaugural Australasian Mastocytosis Conference was held in Port Macquarie, Friday–Sunday, 13–15 April 2012. The conference provide a wonderful opportunity for medical professionals, patients, carers, masto kids and their siblings to connect to knowledge, resources and support to help manage mastocytosis and mast cell activation disorders (MCAD). Delegates learnt from leading medical professionals about this disease. In addition support group meetings were held to help and support patients and carers on this journey. Just some of the topics covered include:

  • Living with Mastocytosis and MCAD
  • Treating your symptoms
  • Masto-friendly fitness and nutrition
  • ‘A spot of bother’ – mast cells and dermatology
  • Aroma without anaphylaxis – perfumes and deodorants
  • For carers: how to deal with your patient and their masto
  • For patients: dealing with your carer
  • Mast cells and kids

Find out what you missed out on – download the Conference Program