Browse the below TAMS Support Groups for upcoming support group meetings across Australia and New Zealand.

Please RSVP to attend each meeting via our Facebook Support Group


Run by Claire Ellis and Pamela Mathieson at The St Kilda Baptist Church. 

  • The next Melbourne support group will be held on Sunday, 13 November 2016 – 2-5pm


Run by Kristin Sinclair

  • Future support events will be run, if requested


Run by Shirley Kassis

  • Future support events will be run, if requested


Location and dates TBA

Other Areas

Anyone wishing to host a support group meeting in their area, please contact Sue Dickenson and she can assist you in connecting with other masto friends in your area.


TAMS Online Support Groups

Do you suffer from Mastocytosis or MCAD? Join the Australasian Mastocytosis and MCAD Facebook Support Group.

Carers are invited to join the Mastocytosis Australasia Carers (MAC) Facebook Support Group.

This is the place for you to share, listen and vent your thoughts and experiences.